How our online courses work

Welcome to our award winning educational platform which allows you to learn new skills in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere.

Its the vision we started with and its what effects everything we do!

Completing your course online is easy. Once you purchase the course you will get instant access to our Award Winning Online Education Platform which houses your tutorial videos and eBooks. Our courses are available on desktops, tablets and mobiles so you can learn anywhere, anyhow.

Each course will have a number of modules and within those modules will be units. Each unit will have a specific video to watch, an area associated with the eBook which is clearly laid out and a set of multiple choice questions for you to complete. Once you have completed the questions and get the desired pass mark the next unit will open for you. You can take the multiple choice questions as many times as you wish with full support from your tutor where needed.

This guided way of learning ensures you gain and then retain our expert knowledge. After you have completed all the units in a module, that module will be marked as complete and the next one will open. At the end of all the modules you will be asked to upload evidence of work to your online workbook.

These are before and after photos of your work which will then be reviewed by your tutor who will feedback to you areas for improvement or pass you on the course. Once you have passed the course, your Diploma Certificate will be available for download via the portal and stored for you.

You have LIFETIME access to the portal so you can return at anytime using your tutorials and eBooks as a reference.

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